5 Holiday Themed Writing Prompts (1 of 3)

Today we’re having a new type of post on the blog. I’ve always loved writing prompts and have such an abundance of ideas I thought it’d be a good idea to start sharing writing prompts. Since the holidays are here I also thought that it’d be good to have holiday themed writing prompts displayed on the first post of this type. 

Writing prompts are a great way to get unstuck in a current story or to create a fresh and exciting one. Sometimes they can spark an idea for even a large book series or even just as small as a short story. Either way, they’re effective and easy to use. I plan on using them in my free writing session in the mornings. 

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#1 “Everything seemed festive in the Christmas parade besides the blood on the pure snow.”

#2 “What was once a New Year’s party was now a crime scene.”

#3 “He saw her smirk in between the trees and shoppers, he knew what those jagged canines meant."

#4 “It really wasn't like last Christmas, this year someone was missing and not in the sense of milk carton missing.”

#5 “It seemed fair at least for this Hanukkah to end in handcuffs, since last year we got away with it."

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