How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019

2019 is almost here! I can’t believe how fast this year went (and don’t we all think that?). This year for my writing life has been an awakening one. I wrote a short story dear to my heart at the start of the year and then finally finished setting up my writer’s notebook and process system, and then of course I started this blog! 

But the biggest one of all has been rebooting my writing career with my new pen name and trying and failing at a few business ventures and learning from those things. A new year is a new chance to shed the old and become a bright new thing. The same thing can be done for our writing life!

So, do you feel sluggish or depressed about your writing? Time to sparkle some things up, get those creative juices flowing, and pinpoint some goals! Ready? Let’s go!

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

#1 Declutter & Organize

Nothing like starting the new year off with less junk and having things in their proper place. For decluttering make sure you not only declutter your home but your notebooks, office space, book collection, and anything near your writing space. 

For organizing it’s time to put everything in their proper home. A good tip is to put the stuff you love seeing out (or things you forget about) and putting the things you use the most near the front of the drawers. This can also be a good time to spruce up the decoration of your writing space. 

#2 Set Up Systems & Processes

This is the one thing I did this year and I just finished it a few days ago so I haven’t had the chance to use them yet, but I am sure they’re going to be absolutely game changing for me. I’ve made processes for the following (listing every step): brainstorming, researching, plotting, editing, and publishing. I’ve also listed out systems like how I organize my computer files and such.

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

I’m hoping in the near future to possibly expand on this a ton with a course or a workbook, so make sure you sign up for my email list to get updates. 

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

#3 Journal Out Fears

Get all those nasty thoughts you’ve had about your writing that has been building up. Discover if possibly why you’ve been stuck on a project is because of fear. A huge roadblock of inspiration are fears. Make a list and then come up with a plan on how you’re going to go about combatting these fears.

#4 Create Some Goals

Nothing like creating some goals before the new year! Now I don’t say resolutions, because mostly people never create a plan for those. For goals, you need a game plan. Set up S.M.A.R.T goals. Watch this amazing video by Muchelle B here on setting up your goals. I also have a goal printable worksheet specific for writers to fill out!

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

#5 Plan Out Fun Writing Events

Look up writing conferences, conventions, book expositions, book signings, writing meetings, and anything else along that nature to attend to. When I first started writing seriously back in 2014 I attended a conference and it was a wonderful experience, so it’s definitely worth being uncomfortable in the moment to have  chance to meet other writers like yourself!

Use our 2019 Writer’s Calendar to mark down these events! 

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

I’ve written two posts on this subject before, you can read them here and here. The holidays leave nearly everyone frazzled and planning for the new year as well so sit back and relax and look out for yourself.

#7 Prep for a New Project

There’s nothing more exciting then planning for a new writing project! It could be as simple and short as a short story that you plan on submitting to a magazine or as long as a full blown series (like myself). So write down your checklist on how you plan on prepping for it. 

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

#8 Set Up a Paper Notebook System

I had been meaning to get around to setting up a notebook system and I am glad to say that I finally have done so. I took a little under 20 notebooks (with several still that have no purpose yet) and assigned them all a duty and marked them as such. If you’re not into paper, Evernote is a great solution.

I’m also planning a blog post to further this as well!

#9 Put Yourself Out There

Join that writer’s club. Submit that short story that has been collecting dust to that magazine. Finally put that query email from rough draft to sent. Whatever you’ve been afraid to do that puts you and your work out there, do it. You don’t have to share your writing with the entire world, but you need to tell people you are a writer and share what you are all about. Go out there and change the world with your words.

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

#10 Celebrate Your Wins

Reflect back on 2018 (you can journal this out as well). What were your loses? Your wins? Things you could improve in? Get it all out there. See where you can improve. But also see where you made progress, even if it’s small. I’ll admit I wasn’t as productive as I’d like to be but I made several excuses but I have to remind myself of my small wins, which was a short story I wrote and submitted to a big magazine. Celebrate how you want: with writing friends, alone in a bathtub with ice cream, etc. 

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

How are you planning on hitting refresh for 2019? ✏️ Let us know your answer in the comment section below so we can chat about it! 💬

How to Hit Refresh on Your Writing Life in 2019 | #2019 #WritingGoals #Refresh #WritingLife

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