15 Winter Themed Writing Prompts

It’s officially 2019 and also we’re nearing the middle of Winter so I thought since the last writing prompt posts did well I’d put out some Winter themed ones. Feel free to use them and if you end up writing something, be sure to let me know!

#16 I never knew true cold until the day the stars disappeared. 

#17 There was something rolling around in the hot chocolate. 

#18 “So why did I get a valentine card from the mail man?"

#19 There were footprints in the snow. They were not human.

#20 There was only one way out of the igloo, and it wasn’t pleasant.

#21 The blizzard blinded them with the purple snow.

#22 She ignored the sound coming from the ski gear closet. That was her first mistake.

#23 “Now that I made you an 8ft snowman, will you be my valentine?"

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#25 The snowman winked at me.

#26 It was seven weeks after Christmas, yet the lights were still on at that sad house.

#27 The blood was almost pretty in a cruel way on the snow.

#28 “Mind telling me why we’re in the middle of the ocean for New Year's?"

#29 He thought her cheeks were rosy from the cold. He was wrong.

#30 “Nothing like some iced tea with hot chocolate."

There you go folks! Did you get inspired? ✏️ Let us know your answer in the comment section below so we can chat about it! 💬

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