How did we get here?

Hi, I'm Rachel Scarlet, the founder of Fire Up the Typewriter. I've been a writer since a young age and the words and worlds haven't stopped since. But I've been through some struggles, writer's block, rejection, editing problems, lack of inspiration, etc. I wanted to create a space where I shared the lessons I've learned on creativity and writing, a place to encourage and inspire others to be the best writers they could be. You can visit my author website and blog here

Our Mission Statement

What We Do

Encouraging and educating teen and millennial writers to write their stories and turn it into their dream careers. Striving for a creative and boss babe mindset while inspiring others to do the same.

Who We Do It For

Teen and millennials who have no limits to their creativity, but lack confidence or the tools to go after their writing dreams. Who don't want to go to school to get a degree in creative writing.

The writer who's lost their way and needs their passion for the written word to be set alight again.

How We Do It

Through empowering and uplifting blog posts, social media content, emails, digital products and so much more to come.

How We Can Help You

Inspire you to start or finish that book. Educate you to succeed in your writing career. Give you the tools you need. Encourage you along your journey.

Why We Do It

We've been there. Done that. Struggled through writer's block. Challenged ourselves. Now it's time to share what we've learned and give back.

Our Top 5 Core Values